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Mackie Onyx Multi-Track Digital Recording

ARTIST: Stop The Truck Band
Project: Sendero
Date: Jan - March, 2008
Producer: Mike Koetting / Alan Moe Monsarrat
Engineer: Mike Koetting
Consulting Engineer: "Special Ed" Ferguson

Stop The Truck Band - Sendero

UPC# 750532-079028
Release Date: 2008

01. Be That Way (listen)
02. Big Booty (listen)
03. Costa Brava Cowboys (listen)
04. Louisiana Moonlight (listen)
05. Tell The Truth (listen)
06. When I Paint My Masterpiece (listen)
07. On The Redneck Riviera (listen)
08. Losing You (listen)
09. The Honky Tonk Zone (listen)
10. On The Road To My Heart (listen)
11. Love's So Complicated (listen)
12. My San Antonio Rose (listen)
13. Stop The Truck (listen)
14. Long Gone Cold Desire (listen)

We are currently putting the finishing touches on this project. "Somewhat" remenescent of the Big Pink sessions, this album was recorded over a two month period on location at the Stop The Truck Band World Headquarters. In order to achieve the goal of accurately capturing the true sound of the band, these recordings were created utilizing almost entirely the same instruments, amplifiers, and microphones used to produce the band's Texas stage shows.

These recordings reflect the influences of Texas legends Freddy Powers and Sonny Throckmorten. Stop The Truck can not thank them enough for their imput and help.

This project is currently available for licensing and distribution

Sit back, listen up, and enjoy!